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Evil Eye and Hamsa Necklace

Evil Eye and Hamsa Necklace

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“The evil eye is believed to be a curse cast with a malicious glare, given when a person is unaware.”

The history of the evil eye dates back centuries and can be found in multiple cultures. Evil eye charms are often worn or hung in the home as a means of protection.

The hamsa hand (Hand of Fatima) is also a protective symbol and believed to protect the wearer or the home it resides in. Some also believe the hamsa is a symbol offering harmony, guidance, success and of course, safety.

Wear both these charms together to know you are always protected. Trust that the Universe is keeping you out of harm’s way—whatever that might be. 

Necklace comes complete with an inspirational keepsake card. One side is a “Dear Universe” letter that you can read to set your intention with the Universe. The other side has a mantra that can be repeated throughout the day as well as a breathing exercise to keep you calm and centered.

Product Detail:

18 inch chain

Enamel charms


Made in the U.S.A.