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Dream and Manifest Reversible Bracelet

Dream and Manifest Reversible Bracelet

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Your dreams are showing you the possibilities for your future. Believe they can be yours and watch them manifest.

This one-size-fits-most slider bracelet has a meaningful word engraved no matter which side the bracelet flips! On one side is the word “dream” and on the other is the word “manifest.” A tiny engraved heart symbolizes you that your heart knows what’s calling you; you simply need to be willing to listen.

Wear your bracelet as your reminder to focus on your dreams, and to work each day towards manifesting them. Your energy matters. Your belief in your dream matters. And anything, at anytime is possible! This bracelet comes with a blessing and mantra card for you to set your intention. Carry it with you and read it anytime you feel called to.


Product Detail:

Available in Silver Ox or Russian Gold

One size fits most.


Made in the U.S.A