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My mission: To create mindful, meaningful, beautiful jewelry--that inspires and offers messages of hope, light and love.

My hope: to inspire, spread love, uplift and remind us all to live a meaning-filled, mindful life.

As a little girl, I loved jewelry. I admired my mother and grandmother's sense of fashion and always had fun trying on their collections whenever I could. I watched as my mom created and sold her own jewelry line and as I got older, my love for jewelry only increased. I enjoyed picking out my pieces for the day and tended to gravitate towards ones that meant something—whether they inspired me or just made a bold statement as to how I wanted to express myself that day.

About six years ago I started an inspirational blog. The blog began as a way for me notice and document the positive moments—from the little things to the bigger miracles—found in everyday life. It was my way of staying positive after a particularly dark period, but I also hoped my writing would spread messages of light and love to others as they navigated their own journey.

Deep down I knew that at some point I would want to design jewelry that would inspire anyone and offer a sense of hope when it's most needed. I wanted everyone to feel what I felt—that jewelry isn't just about looking good, but it's about making you feel good too.

My hope is that my jewelry line does just that.

This is why each necklace comes with a letter to the Universe, a mantra and breathing exercise. There’s something powerful about taking a moment to set your intention each morning, wearing the jewelry as your reminder and message to the world, and carrying the card with you for anytime you need extra reinforcement. Our thoughts create our reality. Make yours beautiful ones!

While you’re here, I also hope you’ll check out my other products which are all created and designed with love by me, in the hopes of making your lives a little brighter and happier.

I'm so excited to have this dream of mine come true and bring my vision to the world. And I'm proud to say that everything you see here is manufactured locally, right here in Rhode Island.

Thank you for being inspired, sharing your time, and visiting my store,



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