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Some believe our destiny is written in the stars; some just look to the stars to imagine their destiny. Either way, the eight stars on this design symbolize that the possibilities are infinite!

Wear your destiny necklace any time you want to be reminded that anything is possible. You can create the future you are envisioning. Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s meant to.

This necklace is available in both Silver Ox and Russian Gold. Seven Swarovski crystals fill out the star design and the eighth one, placed near the word destiny, is carved out.

Necklace comes complete with an inspirational keepsake card. One side is a “Dear Universe” letter that you can read to set your intention with the Universe. The other side has a mantra that can be repeated throughout the day as well as a breathing exercise to keep you calm and centered.

Product Detail:

Available in Silver Ox and Russian Gold


18 inch chain

Lead free alloy

Made in the U.S.A.