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"These pieces make me happy and they remind me how wonderful it is to live grounded in light and love sprinkled with encouragement! And the deck prompts you to bring awareness, calm, and balance to your daily life, which has helped me so much."

Donna ~Wetumpka, AL

“You can tell a lot of love and intention went into this from the necklace all the way to the packaging. Thank you—I love this so much.” 

Marina ~Bridgewater, NJ

"The necklaces are not only beautiful, they are incredibly inspiring and unique! The inspirational cards, packaging, and overall design give the jewelry so much meaning, and it is a daily reminder to practice gratitude and radiate positivity out to others!"

Julia ~Yonkers, NY

"Universe Letters makes the most gorgeous handmade, intentional & inspirational jewelry + products. I ordered the beautiful moon necklace as a birthday gift & also received the 60 card inspiration deck. You can see the love + gratitude in the products & packaging & they were a delight to open. The jewelry & card decks will make wonderful gifts for others or for yourself." 

Danielle ~Newark, OH

“So pretty I can hardly stand it! Absolutely LOVE! And I’m so enamored by the packaging.” 

Beth ~Boston, MA

"I just received the necklaces. They are absolutely beautiful!!! Beautiful packaging, words and pieces. I love them!!” 

Rita ~Pasadena, CA

“I’ll wear it with pride. I want to order some as gifts for my girls!”

Jen ~Santa Monica, CA

"It’s so pretty… I can’t even tell you how awesome this is.” 

Angela ~Lutz, FL


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The More You Trust, The More You Believe

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Be Inspired, Inspire Others

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